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Common Rail Diesel Specialist

THIS IS WHAT WE DO! Common rail diesel is the only class of engine that we carry out performance work on, these engines are complex beauties and no two the same! The tools, technical knowledge and experience we have collected since founding TSO makes our services incomparable.

We pride ourself on tuning each car individually and tailoring all work to your specific needs, whether it be towing, highway driving or something else… we cater for you.

Come in for a chat with us, we don’t bite but our modified diesel engines do :)

TSO Mechanical Rockhampton specialize in performance upgrades, dyno tuning and ECU remapping on Common Rail Diesel (CRD) vehicles, log book servicing, diagnostics and general vehicle maintenance.

With over 14 years industry experience TSO Mechanical can help your common rail diesel perform better, maximize potential and work / play harder!

Tailored Performance | TSO Mechanical

Tailored Performance

Our Diesel Tuning expertise arise from a combination of hand-picked tooling and extensive research. This ensures optimum performance and reliability as to be expected, but TSO offers a fully custom outcome for each of our engines. Many years of developing and fine-tuning common rail gives us the confidence to give every one of you what you want.

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Log Book Servicing | TSO Mechanical

Vehicle Servicing

If you’re new to TSO Mechanical you should know we like to go the extra mile. We like to be thorough with your investment and treat it as we do our own.

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TSO Vehicle Servicing

Fleet Services

Minimise downtime and maximise margins! We want to make your business OUR business. We understand the importance of quality parts and workmanship, if you agree then let’s do this. We don’t only pride ourself on our own work, supporting the trusted local business is imperative to our success and yours. By investing trust with us we can guarantee your vehicle fleet will remain reliable and you can concentrate on what you do best.

Want even more? It’s possible that fleet diesel tuning could be greatly beneficial to your bottom line, book a chat with our specialist to find out more.

Fleet Services

Fleet Services performed by TSO Mechanical

Next Generation Workshop

TSO Mechanical’s workshop has improved immensely since our earlier days and we will continue to evolve and advance as new tools and diesel modification technology is released into market. We strive to have the latest in modern technology and equipment to streamline efficiency for you and our team. Examples of which can be found by checking out our workshop page, including:

TSO Rockhampton Workshop

Next Generation TSO Mechanical Workshop

Only the best parts

  • Outback Armour
  • Penrite
  • Ultimate 9
  • Fatz Fabrication
  • Richards Auto Electrics
  • Snow Performance
  • Turbo Smart
  • Terratuff
  • BG Australia
  • DVA
  • CRDTech

Diesel Performance Enhancements

  • Performance Exhaust
  • Turbo Chargers
  • Performance Clutches
  • Intakes
  • Intercooler Kits
  • Suspension Kits
  • Suspension Springs & Struts

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Only the best parts used by TSO Mechanical

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