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TSO Mechanical was established in 2016 and is proud to be a locally founded, owned and operated business in Rockhampton. Here at TSO we strive for the highest standard of work in our specialist field of common rail diesel performance, this gives our company the name it has earnt by focusing on what we are good at and in turn this has helped us grow the local automotive industry in our home town.

We have always had a keen interest in motorsport and our team takes part in up-and-coming competitions, events and local gatherings. We recently took the opportunity to sponsor a local motorsport complex where we endeavour to showcase our work and passion, but also educate people the importance of quality workmanship and attention to detail.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank

Component cleanliness is an important quality criterion and with the changing global emission standards. TSO Ultrasonically cleans many engine components, mainly inlet system cleaning which is most commonly done with one of our custom tunes. This removes contaminants like oil, coolant, grease, loose chips, atmospheric dust, lapping paste, etc.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank | TSO Mechanical

Latest Diagnostic Technology

Technology is always developing and TSO keeps up-to-date with all of our scan tools, dynometer and other equipment. Having faults like black smoke, sensor issue, warning light showing, car throwing fault code, EGR Problem, injector problem, turbo issue, low/high fuel pressure and more can be diagnosed quicker with our tools and expert technicians.

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Customise your beast with TSO Mechanical

Our Brands

Over the years we have picked our brands from a wide range of suppliers, we took into consideration how to support local business, the quality (of course), ease of fitting and company reputation to name a few, this helped us choose best stock to have both on the shelf and on your vehicle.

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Diesel Tuning Services performed by TSO Mechanical

Quality Brands

PWR - Advanced Cooling Technology | TSO MechanicalPWR Advanced Cooling Technology
NPC Performance Clutches | TSO MechanicalNPC Performance Clutches
Ecu=shop Australia | TSO MechanicalEcu=shop Australia
Manta Performance Exhausts | TSO MechanicalManta Performance Exhausts
Outback Armour | TSO MechanicalOutback Armour
Penrite | TSO MechanicalPenrite
Ultimate 9 | TSO MechanicalUltimate 9
Fatz Fabrication | TSO MechanicalFatz Fabrication
Turbosmart | TSO MechanicalTurbosmart
Terratuff | TSO MechanicalTerratuff
BG Australia | TSO MechanicalBG Australia
CRDTech | TSO MechanicalCRDTech
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