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Customise your beast

From minor modifications to the most custom off-road or race builds, TSO Mechanical has the knowledge and experience needed to design and integrate modifications that work hand in hand with our preferred local suppliers. Our tailored approach to customising your vehicle ensures the highest quality outcome for you.

Diesel Performance Enhancements

  • Exhausts
  • Turbos
  • Fuel injection
  • H/D Clutches
  • Intake Cleaning
  • Intercoolers
  • Suspension

Diesel Tuning Services

Our diesel tuning is completely customized to your engine. We offer ECU remapping, piggyback modules and more to specifically target your desired outcome. By utilising the most suitable methods we can guarantee cost effective quality that works. Engine Control Unit remapping works by editing your cars software, there is no need for any physical alterations to the ECU using our method. Certain vehicles require piggyback modules (of which we have an extensive range), this not only allows us to tune a wider range of common rail engines, these modules also help us tune major upgraded performance components i.e. upgrading your turbo.

As every engine is slightly different, TSO diesel tuning and modification work is ALWAYS customised to suit each individual engine. Our Pro Dyno /Dynamometer is just part of what makes insane performance results from your common rail, the intellectual property of our master tuner is where your money is best spent! Common-rail diesel central in Queensland.

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Diesel Performance | TSO Mechanical

Performance Parts

Your standard vehicle is a blank canvas – ready to be customised to your needs.

Why settle for a standard vehicle when you can stand out from the crowd and do things with your vehicle other owners dream about?!

At TSO Mechanical we can fit and tune a wide range of performance parts for your vehicle, including:

  • Performance exhausts to improve aspiration or just sound mean!
  • Performance clutches
  • Upgraded turbo chargers and intercoolers
  • Suspension kits tailored to your application
  • Transmission lock up kits

If you want to improve torque while towing, work and play harder or reach levels other vehicles can’t, TSO mechanical have the solutions to get you there.

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Performance Parts | TSO Mechanical

Quality Brands

PWR - Advanced Cooling Technology | TSO MechanicalPWR Advanced Cooling Technology
NPC Performance Clutches | TSO MechanicalNPC Performance Clutches
Ecu=shop Australia | TSO MechanicalEcu=shop Australia
Manta Performance Exhausts | TSO MechanicalManta Performance Exhausts
Outback Armour | TSO MechanicalOutback Armour
Penrite | TSO MechanicalPenrite
Ultimate 9 | TSO MechanicalUltimate 9
Fatz Fabrication | TSO MechanicalFatz Fabrication
Turbosmart | TSO MechanicalTurbosmart
Terratuff | TSO MechanicalTerratuff
BG Australia | TSO MechanicalBG Australia
CRDTech | TSO MechanicalCRDTech

ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping is the process of modifying the software on your vehicles ECU to change the set up, increase power and efficiency.

These modifications can be tailored to the needs of the driver:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Torque gains

TSO Mechanical specialize in ECU remapping of common rail diesel engines found in late model vehicles including (but not limited to):

  • Toyota Landcruiser, Hilux, Prado & Fortuner
  • Nissan Patrol & Navara
  • VW Amarok
  • Mitsubishi Pajero & Triton
  • Ford Ranger
  • Mazda BT50
  • Isuzu DMAX & MUX

If you want to go faster, work and play harder or enjoy great fuel economy TSO Mechanical can custom dyno tune your Common Rail Diesel powered vehicle to suit your needs.

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ECU Remapping Diesel Performance | TSO Mechanical

Inlet System Cleaning

Common Rail Diesel engines all have on thing in common – the potential for carbon build up. Carbon build up affects the performance and responsiveness of your vehicle along with degrading your fuel economy.

TSO Mechanical can help with our inlet system cleaning services restore performance and potentially enjoy greater distances between fill ups, depending on your driving style and how heavy your right foot is!

Chemical removal

Ideal for light to medium build up. A device is fitted to the engine that uses chemical removals to remove the build up of carbon from the inlet system and EGR valve.

Manual Removal

Recommended for all types of carbon build up – but essential in cases of heavy build up this process involves both a manual strip down and the parts ultrasonically cleaned, along with our chemical removal process to ensure the ports and valves are cleaned thoroughly.

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Inlet System Cleaning | TSO Mechanical

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