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Unlike dealerships, we don’t have set pricing because we do what is needed when it’s needed. If something needs to be done, we’ll do it and if it can wait until next service, we’ll push it out for you!

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All diagnostic work is done at our hourly rate, and as stated before we pride ourself on being fair so you can trust in TSO Mechanical.

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Depending on your car and budget we can give you clear pricing on our performance parts and work. All performance parts are sold at RRP and we have set pricing for our common performance work, custom work of course has custom pricing.

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Fitting Customer Supplied Parts

Contrary to popular belief, there is no saving in time or money to buying new parts yourself, not only that, no mechanic can warrant parts supplied by the customer (only the work in fitting it) so don’t take the risk!

P.S. You wouldn’t take a steak to a restaurant and ask them to cook it… The same rule applies

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